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The Fauquier-Strickland Municipal library is situated at 25 Grzela Road, Fauquier, Ontario, P0L 1G0. Telephone: 705-339-2521.

Hours of Operation:

Monday:    1pm to 3:30pm and 6pm to 8pm
Tuesday: 9am to 12pm
Wednesday: 1pm to 3:30pm
Thursday: 1pm to 3:30pm and 6pm to 8pm
Friday:    1pm to 3:30pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

The hours of operation may vary during the summer and holidays.

Library Committee:

President: Yolande Fantham
Vice-president: Odile Tremblay
Treasurer: Louisette Morin            
Directors: Odile Tremblay, Nicole Marcoux, Stéphanie Ratté, Lise Gagnon, Nicole Lamontagne
Municipal Representative: Anne-Lynn Kucheran

Part Time Employees:

Head librarian: Claudie Tremblay-Blais
Assistant librarian: Jocelyne Ratté

12 volunteers are presently working at the library.

Available Services

Books: French and English books for all ages.  The library has approximately 13 000 books.

Magazines: 23 types of magazines are available.

Inter library loan: If you don't find the books that you want, we can order them from  other libraries with the VDX program.

DVD's : In French and English.  The library has approximately 1800 DVD's.  

Puzzles: Many puzzles are available and board games for children
There is also a kiddie's corner.

Local History: Book of Fauquier (Pro-Font)

Return Box: It is now possible to return your books and/or DVD's at the library when it is closed.  Simply put your items carefully where it is indicated (on the north wall of the Community Centre).

Government Publications

The federal and provincial government are providing us with updated information about their politics, programs and studies.



5 computers are available for the public

Programs and Software Available:
  • Word Perfect
  • Microsoft Word
  • Print Artist
  • Pattern Maker
  • Easy Photo Print
  • Jasc Paint Shop Pro
  • Microsoft Picture It
Other Services:
  • photocopier
  • photo impressions
  • advertisement signs
  • personalized business cards
  • High speed Internet- $1.00-hour (free for children attenting school)
  • Educative CD-ROM for kids
  • lamination service
  • (8.5 x 11 in. sheets and business cards)
  • scanner
  1. You can borrow most of the books for a maximum of 21 days.
  2. Daily fines are set at $0.10 per day for a maximum of $4.00 per items.
  3. You can also borrow DVD and VHS for a period of 7 days.  If the videos are not returned on the due date, there will be daily fines of $1.00 for each DVD's or videos for a maximum of $3.00.
Every person is responsible for the items they borrow and may also receive a fine in case of damage or the loss of an item.

Membership is free

For additional information, please visit the Municipal library website at:


Municipal library website
For additional information, please visit the Municipal library website

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