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At Fauquier-Strickland we can now recycle!!
What is recycling? Recycling is reutilizing products for the same purpose or to make something else.
We all want to resolve environmental problems, at least we want to do our share, but where do we start?
The program is simple.  The municipality received three (3) blue containers that are installed close to the public works' garages located at 30 Grzela Road.  Three (3) bins, for three (3) different products.  You can go to the three (3) bins and deposit your items in the proper containers yourself.
Here is a list of recyclable items that are accepted:
1.   Paper Products - newspapers, magazines, computer paper, pamphlets, flyers, envelopes, and writing paper.
      Cardboard/boxboard - cereal boxes, old corrugated cardboard, tissue boxes, soap boxes, and shoe boxes.
2.   Aluminium/Steel Cans used for food and drinks.  Please rinse cans and remove labels.
3.   Plastic Containers (PET), bottles and all other plastic containers.  Rinse and or wash containers.
Here is a list of recyclabe items that are not accepted:
1.   Paper such as fax paper, wax paper, paper towels and cups, juice boxes, milk cartons, waxed grocery boxes.  Do not tie
      papers with any string, leave loose.
2.   Metal such as spray cans, paint cans, coat hangers, batteries, metal pots and pans, aluminium foil and plates.
3.   Plastic such as containers used for hazardous chemicals, dishes, caulking tubes, make-up containers, pails, cellophane and
      grocery bags.
Your participation will make the recycling program a success and we will all be winners.


Municipal Recycling
File: Municipal recycling.pdf

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