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History of Fauquier

This one owes its name to Mr. Fauquier and brothers, holder of a construction contract of the bridge and Canadian National railway.

In 1909, the village counted only one family; in 1921: 9 families; in 1961: 140 families; and in 1981: 196 families.  Several reasons that justified this migration was the exchange of beautiful land that could be cleared and was profitable against grounds of rocks; others were interested in the possession of  land that could be timbered for the cut of wood; others sought employment as laborers; others wanted to establish their children on many acres of land.  

The first pioneer of Fauquier was Mr. Alphonse Brunet in 1909.  

In 1922, the first parish of Fauquier was named under "Sainte-Agnès".  That same year, the first priest, Abbot Stéphane Laferrière was named to serve Fauquier.  He arrived on April 3 1922.

In 1922, the first official school of Fauquier was founded under the name "Ecole Sainte-Jeanne D'arc".  The cost to construct the school in 1922 was established at 8,000$.  The first two teachers were Mrs. Jeanne Lefebvre and Mrs. Géralda Gauthier.  There were approximately 50 students occupying two different classrooms.

For additional information in regards to Fauquier, please feel free to come and visit our Fauquier-Strickland Public Library situated at 25 Grzela Road.

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